Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Its Spring and Easter Chicks are on the Loose! - Heart & Sohl Photography - Hackettstown, NJ

It is nearing Easter Season again and we have an exciting surprise this year: Live Baby Chicks!

Contact us today to book your Easter Session with Live Chicks! (Limited Availability)

If you have been bursting at the seems to meet the new ladies in the Sohl household here they are! 

We have two Americana's(two different colors), two Buff Orpington and two Barred Rocks that are a week old. Today we received our final chicks which are a day old:  

Check out the names so far, can you tell we have boys who refuse to believe they are all girls? :)
Dotty (Golden Lakenwelder??)

 Red (Red Star)

 Fancy Feet (Came from an assorted Fancy Hatching we will have to wait and see!)

Little Egg Bird (Light Brown Leghorn)

 Little Egg Bird and Big Egg Bird (Americana)

Mario (Barred Rock)

 Luigi (Barred Rock)

Yellow Buff, Golden Buff and Yellow Americana

Heart & Sohl Photography

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